We are proud to be
part of Grupo Nutresa!
Published June 2021

We are overjoyed and proud to be part of Grupo Nutresa, recognized as the #2 ranked business that most attracts and retains talent in Colombia in 2021, according to the Merco Corporate Business Monitor. Together we continue building # AFutureForAllofUs

“Merco Talento released the results of its most recent study on the 100 companies with the largest capacity to attract and retain talent in Colombia in 2021. (…) We see how the variables of equality and diversity and identification with the business project are one of the strengths that the workers highlight from their companies, showing their evolution since 2019, which gives us the understanding that the businesses have been redoubling their efforts in these issues,” stated Catalina Londoño, Director of Merco for Colombia.

For the Merco study this year 68,808 surveys were conducted, representing a 32% increase in the number of workers that participated versus the 2020 edition. For the first time union members were included.

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