International Platforms

  • Good Employer

    Good Employer <br/> <stong>Certification</stong>

    The certification as a ‘Good Employer’ given to the Compañía Nacional de Chocolates Peru by the Association of Good Employers (ABE), who are sponsored by the American Chamber of Commerce in Peru (AmCham), in the category of ‘Entrepreneurial Partner’, is an initiative that promotes respect, care, recognition, and development of our collaborators in a harmonious work environment. It is therefore an achievement that ratifies our commitment to the quality of life and wellbeing of everyone in our organization.

  • Educational

    <strong>Educational</strong>  <br/>opportunities

    Because we are committed to generating new educational opportunities and the personal development of our collaborators, Chocolates Mexico graduated 92 collaborators who finished their studies in elementary, secondary, or technical education through the Kuayolo education program, which took place in the plant. This initiative promotes inclusive education and is recognized by the Mexican government for its social contribution to improving the quality of life of employees, for its trajectory, and for being a leader in the corporate sector’s work with the Secretary of Public Education, the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, and the National Institute for the Education of Adults.

  • Award
    for Environmental Commitment

    <strong>Award </strong> <br/>for Environmental Commitment

    The award for ‘Environmental Commitment’ that Chocolates Mexico got from Mexico’s Secretary of Environment is an acknowledgement of the Company’s initiative of reforestation and care of natural resources, which has allowed us to plant over 24,000 trees since 2011 in the communities near the plant with the support and leadership of our volunteers. This is one way in which we continue strengthening the actions that promote sustainable development that allow us to contribute to the reduction of environmental impacts and the construction of a better future for everyone.