Viveros para la paz

Sales and Agricultural Promotion Department

For a sustainable rural development with a territorial approach

From 1958 the Compañía Nacional de Chocolates established the sales and agricultural department, looking to promote a sustainable supply of cacao, which is a fundamental ingredient in its products. Currently, it has a specialized team of professionals, that strengthen the cacao-chocolate value chain in various components. We work providing training through technical advice and training to our farmers and demonstration plots; distributing vegetable material for planting new crops, rehabilitation and renovation; also development programs and productive alliances with the key players in the supply chain; supporting social and agribusiness programs; generating new knowledge and technologies through research that provides appropriate solutions to the sector; commercializing in an integral relationship with the farms and ensuring direct access to the market for their production, promoting good agricultural practices through technological dissemination.

Axes of the Sales and Agricultural

Promotion Department

We work with different actors in the cacao-chocolate supply chain at international level, generating alliances that promote development in the territories that we work in.

We promote knowledge and developments in the agricultural area, especially with the cacao crops, articulated with the academy, research centers, public and private entities, on issues related to genetic improvement, phytosanitary, good agricultural practices, quality, among others.

We have nurseries registered with the ICA, for the propagation and distribution of vegetable cacao material, with self-compatible quality materials and refined flavor and smell.

Cacao market We have an integral relationship with the cacao farmers in our country, ensuring direct access to the market for their production.

We have built a comprehensive relationship with cocoa farmers in our country, ensuring them direct access to the market for their production.

We have and experimental agricultural innovation centers, where we strengthen the technical capacities of rural producers and extension agents, on issues of interest with the production and quality processes of cacao.

We design and distribute, free of charge, technological dissemination material for the various audiences of interest in the cacao production system, which contributes to improving their production and quality processes.

We are commitment

with the sustainable development in the cacao sector (management 2022)

Alliances for the rural development 127
Benefited families 22.933
Hectares impacted 38.362
Coverage in producer departments 22
Number of trainings 478
Number of people trained 6.753
Delivered cocoa plant material 4.398.575
Purchases Farmer Associations and Cooperatives (Ton) 14.900
Total purchases of cocoa (Ton) 33.508
Farmers Associations and Cooperatives 152
Registered communication campaign 19.604
SMS information on cocoa cultivation 1.423.987