We are proud! Once again, Grupo Nutresa was recognized in the Merco Talento
2022 ranking as one of the best companies to attract and retain talent in Colombia.
Published June 2022

For the fourth consecutive year, Grupo Nutresa ranked as the second best company for attracting and retaining talent in Colombia according to the MERCO Talento 2022 reputation monitor, ranking first in the food sector.

MERCO Talento is a global evaluation of the attractiveness of companies and employer brands to attract and retain talent according to the opinion of different audiences, and includes three categories of analysis: job quality, employer brand and internal reputation.

In its 13th edition, MERCO Talento results were developed based on 78,275 surveys applied to ten sources of information, in order to measure the attractiveness of working in the 100 MERCO companies from six different perspectives:

Attractiveness for present talent (own employees and employees from other big companies)

Attractiveness to experts (HR managers; experts and headhunters; and trade unions)

Attractiveness for future talent (university students and business school alumni)

Attractive to society (population in general)

Attractiveness on social networks (MERCO Digital Talent monitor)

Real attractiveness (self-assessment of HR management indicators)

Some of the measures implemented during 2021 that helped Grupo Nutresa achieve this second place include initiatives of care for life, physical and mental health, such as strengthening hybrid, flexible and remote work modalities, and vaccination days against COVID – 19.

It also includes the Organization’s initiatives to motivate the personal and professional growth of the teams, and to promote equity and diversity; as well as the consolidation of strategies for the development of new skills, including new leadership, adaptability, circular economy, digital transformation, innovation, agility and diversity.

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