Surprising at Christmas
time with our delicious products
Published December 2021

It’s already a tradition! Our brands surprise us every Christmas with innovative products to celebrate this date by illuminating the hearts of our Customers and Consumers.

Chocolates Jet, Chocolates Jumbo, Maní La Especial, and MontBlanc present their new products. Which is your favorite for this season?

Let us surprise you this Christmas with our delicious and innovative products.

Enjoy Christmas with our Jet brand!On these special dates, our Jet brand dresses up for Christmas to accompany our customers and consumers.

This innovation from our Chocolates Jet brand is ideal for sharing this Christmas season!

For a limited time, find the delicious flavor of our Burbujet Cookies & Cream with a 100g size Woow! to give, share and enjoy with your friends and family.

Enjoy Christmas with the new La Especial tray, ready to serve, eat or give as a gift!

Find in the tray Peanut Crunchy, Peanut Raisin, Bean Mix, Brewers Peanut, Honey Peanut, and Cranberry Mix ready to serve, share and give as a gift with the ones you love the most.

Keep the good stuff going with The Special One!

Celebrate Christmas with a powerful mix of flavors!

Try our limited edition Jumbo Pistachio, a combination of delicious Jumbo chocolate, peanuts, crispy rice, and pistachio to share, gift and surprise family and friends.

Push your limits and dare to try it!

You already know what you want this Christmas!

Try the innovation of our brand MontBlanc, a delicious mix of milk chocolate and hazelnut pieces to share and surprise family and friends.
Get it now!

BurbuJet Arequipe Coconut

Taste the deliciousness of Arequipe and Coconut, a combination with a filling that will surprise you.

Montblanc box of assorted flavored chocolates

Give one of our assorted milk chocolate boxes with assorted flavors filled with arequipe, almond and macadamia chocolates as a gift during this special season. Find them in the presentations of 3, 7, 12 and 15 chocolates per box.

Let yourself be seduced.

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