Our Chocotera Corona
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Published March 2021

Our Chocotera Corona continues to advance, strengthening its value proposition, this time arriving in the United States, where we aim to conquer around 2 million Colombians who are present in this region.

In 2018 we bet on Chocotera as a strategy to encourage the consumption of table chocolate in Colombia, an experience of enjoying a delicious hot chocolate in a practical and simple way. Acquiring it at Novaventa, on our Chocolate Corona website, chain stores, department stores, among others.

Chocotera heats, melts, and foams the tablets to prepare a cup of Chocolate Corona, easier and simpler! To share good times with your family and friends.

The Chocotera frees you from using various implements when it is time to prepare your Chocolate Corona and gives you more time to carry out other activities, it allows you to prepare between 1 and 3 cups of chocolate, for each cup you must add 1 tablet of Chocolate Corona.

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