Learn about the social contributions of our
"Album Jet Colombia Surprendente" with cocoa farmers!
Published January 2022

Our Jet brand aims to unite us as Colombians to awaken and enliven the love for this incredible country and highlight its unique flavor. For this reason, our Jet Colombia Surprendente Album has arrived, an edition that besides giving Colombians even more reasons to feel proud of their land, is the result of the co-creation between almost 100 young people, 75 artists, and more than 20 micro-entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs. A project made by Colombians for Colombians.

And the best part is that all the proceeds from the sales of our Jet album are destined to support social enterprises for the cocoa-growing families linked to our Yariguíes Farm in Santander.

In our Chocolate Business, we are committed to the sustainable development of different cocoa communities in our country.


Click on the following link to listen to the song “Quiero”

which represents the sounds and cultural diversity of our country, likewise with the purchase of each album and the profits from the reproduction of the song, you can contribute to continuing building A Future Together.

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