Grupo Nutresa, the second most socially responsible company in Colombia
and is the fourth with the greatest social commitment during the pandemic.
Published March 2021

Grupo Nutresa was ranked for the second consecutive year as the second most socially responsible company in the country.  It was also the fourth with the greatest social commitment during the Covid-19 pandemic. This is according to the results of the 2020 edition of the MERCO Responsibility and Corporate Governance -RSGC.  Last year it reached its tenth edition.

This year MERCO RSGC monitoring began with an assessment of its own collaborators for their social contribution for the Organization during the pandemic (included in MERCO Talent 2020). This was followed by an evaluation of the perception of more than a thousand executives in the country around fifteen variables grouped into five dimensions. These were ethical behavior, transparency, good governance, responsibility towards employees, and their commitment to the environment, climate change and their contribution to the community.

It also included an assessment of the general population and some related groups on the social behavior of companies throughout 2020. This concluded with the analysis of a set of management indicators in terms of equality, integration, commitment to the community, Sustainable Development Goals -ODS- social responsibility and environmental responsibility.

In this RSGC ranking, Grupo Nutresa is ranked second.

In parallel, and as a novelty an additional ranking of the most responsible companies with the greatest social commitment during the pandemic was presented.   This was based on the perception and evaluation of groups of experts, some citizens and MERCO technicians. In this ranking, Grupo Nutresa was ranked fourth.

It should be noted with great pride that compared to the results of MERCO RSGC 2019, Grupo Nutresa reduced its gap with the first ranked company  and considerably widened its distance with the third  ranked company, consolidating itself in leading positions.

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