Empresa Inspiradora 2023
Published August 2023

We are really proud! We were recognized for our model of Organización Consciente Entre Todos in the list of Empresas INspiradoras 2023

In August, our Company received a special recognition from the ANDI (National Business Association of Colombia) and its Foundation, at the closing of the 8th Colombian Business Congress (CEC, by its Spanish acronym) in Cartagena. In this event our Business was included and highlighted in the list of Inspiring Companies 2023, for its model of “Conscious Organization: EntreTodos”, which takes an active part in the growth of our country, with initiatives that contribute to the development of people, care for the environment and prosperity promotion. We are so proud!

This recognition was made in conjunction with USAID (U.S. Agency for International Development) and the economic newspaper Portafolio, in order to highlight initiatives that improve business competitiveness by addressing social challenges and positively impacting society.

The above inspires and motivates us to continue building A Future Of Us.

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