Global branding campaign Jumbo, Choys and Muibon
Published June 2023

In the Confectionery category of our Chocolates Business, we have 3 super powerful brands with a portfolio of contrasting flavors and textures that exploit the power of nuts in distinctive molds and shapes, contributing to the footprint that our consumers want to leave in the world.

Our brands JUMBO present in Colombia and Ecuador, CHOYS present in Costa Rica, and MUIBON present in Mexico, are focused on people with a 23 years spirit, people that spend all day doing different activities and who want to live their lives to the fullest.

In this audience we have found relevant information (insight), in which we see that young people want to empower all their abilities and make the most of their days, in order to live their life to the fullest; but fear often paralyzes and limits them to exploit their potential.

Based on this knowledge, we created and brought to life the global brand campaign that seeks to connect young people with the power they have inside them to go for more and impact others.

This is how the CRÉETELA (Believe in yourself) campaign was born, with four everyday stories that show the common frustration people can have in different situations; and how our brands JUMBO, CHOYS and MUIBON can remind them that power comes from within and there is nothing to stop them from moving forward.

The campaign was launched with JUMBO in Colombia last March with a 360-degree deployment in traditional media, digital media, sales force, customers, among others; and it will continue throughout this year with different events related to our consumer, as well as with innovations that help the brand positioning. 

In the other countries: Ecuador, Costa Rica and Mexico the campaign will be implemented during the second half of 2023, focusing on digital communication, outdoor activities and points of sale.

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