Cordillera, a brand
with purpose!
Published April 2022

Our brand Cordillera Company shared an experience of connection with 20 cocoa leaders from all over Colombia in our Yariguíes Farm located in Santander. The purpose – to “make the world a more just and sustainable place by giving all the hands that touch our chocolate possibilities to transcend”. In this meeting of gratitude and recognition to the cocoa farmers of our country, we ratify our commitment to continue providing support and new possibilities to the more than 18,000 cocoa-growing families that allow us to continue creating stories of transcendence, to move forward on our path of building together A Future of Us.

Read some testimonials about the experience regarding the aims of our Cordillera brand:
“For more than 60 years our Business has been working collaboratively with cocoa communities, inspired by sustainability. Today Cordillera exalts the work of cocoa growing families, showing the world the value of sustainable Latin American chocolate and making visible the hands of more than 18,000 families who, with vocation and dedication, give us the fruit of the cocoa. With this, we understood once again that Colombia is written with C, Commitment is written with C, Cacao is written with C, with C for Cordillera!”. Alejandra Sarasty Q., International & B2B Business Manager
“By saying: we build a better world where development is for everyone, it is cemented in our relationship with the country’s cocoa growers and the development of our Cordillera brand.” Juan Fernando Valenzuela A., Director of Purchasing and Agricultural Development.
“With Nacional de Chocolates and our Cordillera brand we feel connected because it pays tribute to the cocoa growers, to the countryside, to us who day by day work with our crops to bring out a product of excellent quality, which is transformed by dreaming minds and hands.” Claudia Gisela Ibáñez C., Legal Representative of the Producers Association “Agrounión Vegonez”, municipality of Prado, Tolima.

Our brand Cordillera, Latin American Sustainable Chocolate, contributes to the welfare of cocoa families and the preservation of our planet through various initiatives that seek to continue building a better world where development is for everyone.
Together we cultivate and transcend!

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