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Published November 2020

Grupo Nutresa was recognized as an Industry Leader, the highest distinction awarded by the 2020 Dow Jones Sustainability Index and was, in turn, a leader in each of them: Global, Emerging Markets and MILA. The DJSI evaluates and qualifies the economic, environmental, and social practices of the organizations that compose it. The ranking is carried out jointly by the S&P Dow Jones Index and SAM.

106 companies in the food industry around the world were evaluated by the DJSI in 2020 based on their corporate practices around the different dimensions of sustainability. The permanence in this index for ten consecutive years shows the commitment, leadership and consistent work of Grupo Nutresa’s team in the search for competitiveness and the implementation of the best economic, social and environmental practices, and is in turn recognition of this corporate capacity to create value for society.

This year, Grupo Nutresa presented a superior performance in eleven facts that reflect the efforts of the organization to have an efficient operation in resources and focused on caring for people, in order to generate economic development and social progress with the least impacts possible in the environmental conditions.

These issues were: materiality, risk and crisis management, information security and cybersecurity, tax strategy, and health and nutrition, in the economic dimension; packaging, environmental report and risks associated with water, in the environmental dimension; and development of human capital, attraction and retention of talent, and social reporting, in the social dimension.

Carlos Ignacio Gallego, President of Grupo Nutresa, stated in this regard: “celebrating ten uninterrupted years being part of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index is, in addition to a great pride, a sign that we are on a level with the best companies in the world. We celebrate our first 100 years with the certainty that our sustainability practices allow us to connect even more with society and people, creating value for our related groups, promoting competitiveness and development, and building  a better future for all ”.

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