We entered a new category: New Tosh shakes!
We entered a new category: New Tosh shakes!
Published June 2022

Our Chocolate Business marked an important milestone by entering the Frozen Beverages Category with the new Tosh Milkshakes. A high-impact project for Grupo Nutresa in which we were working together with the Meals and Meat Businesses.

With this initiative, we contribute to the growing generation of value in Grupo Nutresa, developing the incremental layers that as a Company will allow us to reach our Mega 2030 together.

Our value proposition:

We facilitate the mixing of ingredients by delivering a solution with all naturalness. 100% natural fruit with no added sugar. Thick smoothie-like texture, easy to prepare and in an easy-open sachet with travel packaging. We offer a fruit elaboration process that minimizes the loss of nutrients. Design based on 3 benefits: Detox, Digestion and Immunity. Portfolio of 3 delicious combinations: Apple, lemon and ginger. Mango, papaya and orange. Cucumber, spinach, lemon, pineapple and parsley. 

Take care of yourself without remorse!

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