We are proud! Our Rionegro Factory
is recognized because it promotes Carbon Neutrality
Published August 2021

Our Rionegro Factory was recognized by Cornare in alliance with ICONTEC, for being a plant with Carbon Neutral products through TOSH and EVOK brands, a distinction granted to companies and brands that promote Green Growth Agreements in the east of Antioquia and the country.

This recognition of our Factory is an incentive that inspires us to reaffirm our commitment to caring for the environment, efficient consumption of resources, and meeting our environmental goals by 2030.

Grupo Nutresa joins the Carbon Neutrality Alliance in Colombia, a program of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development that promotes the commitment of different actors with achievements in carbon neutrality by 2050 and enhances sustainability in companies through the mitigation of emissions of Greenhouse Gases.

With our participation, we hope to continue strengthening networking, share experiences, monitor the environment, and achieve the connection of more related groups to ensure the continuity of our own and collective initiatives to reduce the future impacts of climate change and preserve the planet.

Together we continue to build a better world where development is for everyone. #AFutureTogether

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