Tosh Fest Digital: four elements connected to life
Published August 2020

Our Tosh brand invite you to participate in a special space to celebrate with you that connection of life in harmony, through a 5-day journey, in which every day we will connect with the wisdom of each of the 4 elements, for internalize new ways of reaching that inner balance that in the end will always be reflected in a genuine connection with the essential.

From 25 until 29 August 2020


1 And if it was not enough our Tosh brand is now in Dollarcity

Find Tosh Del Huerto in an exclusive 150gr presentation in Dollarcity!

Enjoy a delicious mix of peanuts, chickpeas and peas, a good source of protein to continue taking care of yourself as you like with our TOSH brand.

Mix with peanuts, chickpeas, and peas.

Exclusive reference in presentation of 150 gr in Dollarcity

Keep taking care of yourself as you like


?¡Encuentra Tosh Del Huerto en presentación exclusiva de 150gr en Dollarcity! ?
?Disfruta una deliciosa mezcla de maní,…

Publicado por Compañía Nacional de Chocolates en Viernes, 31 de julio de 2020

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