Play with your senses and score
a goal with the new Gol Barquillo!
Published January 2023

At Chocolates Gol we know how to make you happy with a mix of delicious flavors. We have a wide portfolio of products that is expanding today with the arrival of Gol Barquillo, an innovation that we are sure you will love. 

Celebrate like a Pro and enjoy the new Gol Barquillo, an exquisite explosion of flavors, a wafer filled with hazelnut, covered with chocolate and puffed rice, the perfect combination to calm hunger!

Gol Barquillo is a perfect alternative for snacks; you can find it in stores, and large supermarket chains, ready for you to treat yourself or give that incredible flavor to those you love the most.

It’s time to say #YoTengoLoMío and enjoy a good time with the new Gol Barquillo!

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