Our Jet Album, 59 years
of history in the lives of Colombians
Published January 2021

It is no secret that Jet has been one of the most beloved brands in our country; because it is not only the delicious taste of chocolate that has fallen in love with us, but also it’s album that has conquered the hearts of our consumers, generation after generation and it has become an icon of the brand and our company.

The new Jet Album #ColombiaSorprendente will be a journey through the greatest treasures of our country:
– Cultures that will surprise you 😲
– Music that will make you dance 💃
– Mouth-watering food 🤤
– Amazing places 🤩
– And a nature that will make us feel proud 🥰

Get it now exclusively at Novaventa by going to http://bit.ly/38XQQPq and in stores and supermarkets from February 8th.


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