Our company with its brand Cordillera attending the WCFPM in Germany
Published October 2019

In October we attended the “Global Forum of Allies” of the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF) in Berlin, Germany, which brought together more than 370 NGO leaders, governments, experts from the cocoa sector from public and private companies and cocoa farmers from around the world. During the meeting goals and challenges facing the industry were addressed in terms of sustainability, the annual production being 4.8 million tons with Colombia producing around 60,000.

Our company, leader of rural development management in the cocoa sector in Colombia and a subsidiary of Grupo Nutresa, the most sustainable food company according to the latest measurement from the World Dow Jones Index, represented the country in this event for the work carried out with cocoa associations and the federal government to increase productivity and sustainable crop development in the regions where we are present.

Likewise, we participated in the experts’ panel in charge of addressing the conclusions and commitments for the future of cocoa producers, the well-being of communities and the protection of the planet.

Alejandra Sarasty, our company´s international business manager, said that “events like this one strengthen the superior purpose of working around a sustainable cocoa culture in the world, where the well-being of communities, the care for the environment, the economic sustainability of the productive chain and a transparent action throughout it, is a cause that brings together all actors of the industry. Compañía Nacional de Chocolates, aligned with these goals and aware of the importance of working for all of them, strengthened their commitment to continue mobilizing powerful environment, social and economic initiatives that allow us to think in a cocoa culture which honors sustainability as its main axis”.

Cordillera continues to consolidate as a global brand for the B2B Business of CNCH

Cordillera, Compañía Nacional de Chocolates’ B2B’s brand has been responsible for sharing with the participants of the event and through a sustainable experience, the flavor and the quality of Latin American cocoa. This international brand is present in 14 countries and has been playing an important role in the internationalization of chocolate ingredients, the market size of which is close to 6 million tons, being attractive also and with a high growth potential.

The participation of our company in the “Global Allies Forum” of the World Cocoa Foundation, is a tangible example of the commitment to keep promoting a positive change in cocoa’s productive chain in Colombia. In addition to this, the desire is to continue strengthening sustainable development which generates progress and well-being in the communities where we are present with productive alliances that contribute to the construction of A Future Among All.

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