New talent attraction
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Published September 2021

With the purpose of continuing to be one of the best companies to attract and retain talent in Colombia and in different geographies, we designed a better experience for the users of our employment platform, seeking to have a more agile, diverse and inclusive selection process, and to strengthen our employer brand.

We migrated our jobsite to a new tool, where candidates will find information about our companies and the job opportunities we have open. If you know someone who is interested in joining our organization, invite them to learn about our job openings and apply at:

What’s new?

-24/7 support channel for our users.

-Communication with applicants and candidates will be constant, so they will know at what stage of the process they are.

-This platform streamlines the selection process, optimizing the filters, the search for candidates and the stages of the process.

The platform is more user-friendly, intuitive and interactive and allows a better visualization of vacancies.

-It also includes relevant information about our companies that will be renewed frequently.

Click on the following link to discover all Grupo Nutresa and Compañía Nacional de Chocolates job opportunities:

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