Meet the new line
of Cocoa by TOSH brand
Published March 2021

Our TOSH brand presents its new line of Cocoa: cookies, cereal bars and cocoa powder with all the benefits of cocoa, so you can enjoy the best of chocolate while you take care of yourself.

Enjoy these delicious products:

• TOSH 100% cocoa powder: single ingredient, cocoa powder, no sugar, 0% Cholesterol, no artificial colors, or flavors. It has a pure flavor, without many additions and without processes. It is modern and practical because it is a powder that is instantly perceived.

• Multicereal Wafer with Cocoa Cream: The new Wafer with 100% cocoa cream has no sugar and is sweetened with Stevia. Its flavor is delicious with the perfect balance between cream and wafer.

• Cereal bar with pieces of semi-bitter chocolate: it only has 3 grams of sugar, a good source of fiber and with 47% cocoa.

TOSH is the food and beverage brand with which you feel comfortable being feeding you well, because it offers you options.

Delicious + Natural + Good for you

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