Let yourself
be seduced by our Christmas brands!
Published December 2019

  • Et yourself melt for Montblanc

During this season share Montblanc in its white chocolate with almonds version and its limited edition, a delicious mix of ingredients such as nuts and blueberry. The perfect gift to surprise at this Christmas.

  • Share with La Especial

Accompany your Christmas celebrations and gatherings with family and friends with the delicious limited editions brought to us by our brand La Especial.

-Premium Mix with blueberry, the perfect combination amongst nuts, dry fruit, giant corn, blueberries, peanuts, and honey peanuts.

-Peanut beer lime pepper extra content.

  • Enjoy the irresistible flavor of Jet Christmas!
During this sweet season, our brand Jet dresses up for Christmas to accompany our clients and customers in this special time.
  • Enjoy Christmas to the rhythm of Jumbo
The limited Jumbo Pistachio is back, a unique combination of milk chocolate, peanuts, pistachios, and crispy rice. Don´t miss the chance to taste it!

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