Grupo Nutresa, third company with
the best reputation in Colombia!
Published October 2022

We are proud to be part of Grupo Nutresa, the third company with the best reputation in Colombia, according to the 15th edition results of the monitors MERCO Companies and MERCO Liders. Once again, the company ranked first in the food sector. Also, we would like to highlight Nutresa ranked #10 in the list of companies with the best reputation in the digital sphere. 

This year, MERCO Companies contrasted the perception and assessment of 24 sources of information through 83,939 surveys, with the reality of the business merits of each of the organizations around six reputational values: Economic and financial results; Quality of commercial offer: Talent: Ethics and CSR; International dimension; and Innovation.

Carlos Ignacio Gallego was ranked second in the list of Leaders with the best reputation in the country, and has remained in the top 5 of this ranking for the last 7 years.

We continue building A Future Of Us.

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