Grupo Nutresa, the second most reputable company in the country. Carlos Ignacio Gallego, a business leader with the best reputation
Published October 2019

MERCO Colombia presented the results of the 2019 edition of its corporate monitor MERCO Companies and Business Leaders. This year´s results show Grupo Nutresa again as the second most reputable company in the country and the first in the food industry, while Carlos Ignacio Gallego, president of the organization, was ranked as the business leader with the best reputation.

MERCO Companies monitor includes six different evaluations:

– Directives (Steering Committees)
– Experts (DIRCOMS and opinion leaders, financial analysts, economic journalists, government, NGO´s unions, consumers´ associations, professors and social media managers)
– MERCO Digital
– MERCO Consumption (general population)
– MERCO Talent (internal reputation)
– Evaluation of reputational merits.

These evaluations integrated the perception and assessment of 24 sources of information (60,977 surveys) with the reality of business merits of each one of the organizations concerning six reputational values: economic results; quality of the commercial offer; talent, ethics and CSR; international dimension; and innovation.

Since the implementation of the monitor MERCO Companies in Colombia in 2008, both CNHC and Grupo Nutresa have remained in the top 5 of the ranking. With the 2019 edition, Grupo Nutresa has been placed second for five consecutive years.

The companies with the best reputation in 2019:

1. Grupo Bancolombia
2. Grupo Nutresa
3. Alpina
4. Grupo Sura
5. Ecopetrol

Carlos Ignacio Gallego, first amongst businessmen

On the other hand, on the business leaders list, Carlos Ignacio Gallego, president of Grupo Nutresa, has reached, for the first time, the top position of the ranking, after having been in second place the previous year.

Also outstanding is the 16th place for Sol Beatriz Arango, president of Servicios Nutresa – the third woman in the scale – as well as the presence in the ranking of members of the Board of Directors David Bojanini, Jorge Mario Velásquez, Gonzalo Pérez, and Cipriano López.

The leaders with the best reputation in 2019:

1. Carlos Ignacio Gallego, Grupo Nutresa
2. David Bojanini, Grupo Sura
3. Juan Carlos Mora, Bancolombia
4. Arturo Calle, Com. Arturo Calle
5. Carlos Mario Giraldo, Grupo Éxito
16. Sol Beatriz Arango, Grupo Nutresa

The list of leaders is obtained from the qualification of members of the management committees of companies that invoice over USD 30 million in Colombia, in the following values: strategic vision and achievement of objectives; commercial vision; talent; boosting of ethical behavior and CSR; international projection; innovation; and good communication.

These results of our company and its leaders fill us with pride, inspire us to keep working for the future and commit us to protecting and fostering the good name we have built for decades.

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