Grupo Nutresa, second most innovative company in Colombia according to ANDI and Dinero Magazine
Published August 2020

The results of this ranking, in which 242 companies in the country participated, show the evolution that effective innovation has had as a strategic objective of Grupo Nutresa based on products, processes and business model. The publication also highlighted the companies that have been doing well in this time of pandemic, to the point that almost all of them said they had advanced some innovation to help the country in responding to the COVI-19 emergency.

Among the main results of the survey, it is highlighted that 95,4% of the companies have an innovation strategy (against 83,9% in 2018) while only 16.2% innovate with a social purpose. The main motivations for innovation continue to be the development of society, care for the environment, the growth of exports and the country’s scientific production. Among others.

In the same way, the study recorded that the surveyed companies launched innovative products in 2019 that impacted their sales by 9% on average. In Grupo Nutresa the sales by innovation reached 22.4%.

In addition to this historical result for Grupo Nutresa, is important to highlight the first position of the company in the list of companies that operated in the Consolidated Innovation Ecosystem of Bogotá, Cundinamarca and Antioquia (according to the methodology of the National Planning Department)

Finally, it is worth mentioning the sixth position achieved by the Organization within the companies perceived as the most innovative in the country. According to the response provided directly by those responsible for completing the questionnaires within each surveyed firm.

“These results are the reflection of having declared effective innovation as an engine of growth within the strategy of Grupo Nutresa and its Businesses. They also demonstrate the maturity of the lmagix model which has allowed us to leverage our strategy with actions articulated around strengthening the culture of Innovation ” Mario Alberto Niño,VP Innovation and Nutrition Grupo Nutresa.

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