Enjoy our products from the comfort of your home
Published June 2020

We share digital alternatives that have been arranged in Grupo Nutresa so that you can make purchases from the comfort of your own home, in a flexible, practical, and safe way.
– Novaventa al paso: new Novaventa platform with initial presence in Medellin, eastern Antioquia, Bogota and Cali. Minimum order of $80.000 COP and free shipping! www.novaventaalpaso.com
– La Recetta Domicilios #QuedateEnCasa with a presence and great coverage in the country, including eastern antioquia. https://larecetta.com/
– Privun, Novaventa platform with national reach. www.privun.com
– Now we arrive directly at the door of your house in the United States! Acquire our products in the new online sales channel Shopping Cart, of CORDIALSA USA, so that you can share what you like with the people that you love most. Go to https://shop.cordialsausa.com/

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