Discover Corona’s new
Chocolate Shop in Bogota!
Published July 2018

Corona’s Chocolate Shop is a dream come true! And an opportunity to share a delicious cup of hot chocolate, or any Corona product, in a very special place. In January 2018, we inaugurated our spectacular shop at the Olimpica in the Hacienda Santa Barbara shopping center in Bogota.

1 We were selling around thirty-six cups of hot chocolate there every day and have now sold over six hundred cups at Corona’s new Chocolate Shop between February and March.

You can find a variety of preparations of Chocolate Corona at the Shop, including:

· Hot chocolate drinks with toppings
· Chocolate milkshakes
· Chocolisto Frappé
· Corona waffles with ice cream
· Chocolate sauce
· Corona Bakery Brownies

Corona, the chocolate we love the most!

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