Cordillera has launched its evolution in Colombia!
Published September 2019

Our brand Cordillera pays tribute to the origins of Latin American cocoa and has been inspired by our roots and origin, expanding its global footprint in order to have the best sustainable chocolate in the world. Within the framework of the Sweet Fair in Medellín, Cordillera presented the evolution of its value, the latest innovations of its portfolio and the evidence of sustainability as one of its fundamental pillars to our industrial business ́ clients.

Highlighting as main protagonists and drivers of the change those who through their work, dedication and passion manage to sweeten the life of the world, Cordillera presented how the evolution of its Brand and the innovation of its products has turned it into the best ally for the preparations of chefs.

1 Cordillera ́s evolution was evidenced under three fundamental aspects:

Brand and visual identity: with a new logo and slogan, Cordillera presented the story behind its name and its connection with chocolate given that, along with the birth of the mountain ranges in the Latin American Amazon, the Theobroma Cacao species also emerged which grows only in countries near the equator. This is how the brand pays tribute to cocoa and to the rich soils of Latin American countries where the most special cocoa is produced: the finest and with aroma.

Packaging: the design of its packaging transmits and celebrates the richness of the cocoa, including hand-drawn illustrations that represent the fauna and flora of the cocoa areas, designed by a botanical illustrator named Catalina Carder. In addition, the practicality of the packaging was improved since we migrated from blocks to coins as well as the new presentations of 1 kilo with an easy and resealable opening to preserve the best of Cordillera chocolate as well as the new folding of 5 kilos with dosing lid.

Portfolio innovation: in order to enrich its value, in addition to Origen Colombia, the brand has incorporated in its portfolio the Origen Ecuador chocolate as well as the new Blend Latinos, and in the medium term it will be complemented by the Origen Perú.

Sustainability strategy: as part of the most transcendental evolution of the Cordillera brand, the sustainability strategy which is part of the Compañía Nacional de Chocolates ́ DNA has been made visible. This is the superior purpose that mobilizes our efforts and it has been improving the impact on the cocoa producers, the community and the planet since 1958.
nity and the planet since 1958.

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