Inclusive Businesses

Based on our inclusive business philosophy, we participate in alliances with our farmers, ensuring the sale of their cacao production for the Compañía Nacional de Chocolates, and at the same time guaranteeing the following benefits:

  • Technical-Environmental Accompaniment through training in agronomic management of crops, participating in directive committees, technical tours of the Compañía Nacional de Chocolates’ farms, contributions of vegetable material, technical advisory, and guidance for the establishment of plots of land for demonstration.
  • Commercial Support with guaranteed purchase in our facilities, economic sustainability through 10-year commercialization agreements, training in Colombia’s NTC 1252 norms and the commercialization of cacao.
  • Socio-Organizational Support through cacao farmers meetings.

In 2017, we mediated 140 alliances, impacting 23,867 hectares of cacao in 22 departments across the country, equalling to 11,917 cacao farming families.