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live sweet blue moments!

Become a Smurf with Jet and live sweet blue moments!

Our brand, Jet just like the Smurfs represents a small moment of sweetness which is blue for this season.

Jet Smurfs is a special edition of our Jet products; they are small pieces of chocolate as small as each of the characters in the movie, yet they are filled with as much fun and excitement inside that to eat them is a whole flavorful experience.

This season you will find the following presentations:

Jet Smurfs - Jet Pitufos 8gr: Smurf-shaped pieces of milk-chocolate chocolates with a blackberry blue filling.

Creamy Jet - Jet Cremosita 14gr: half blue and half chocolate, chocolate cream.

Three-color Jet- Jet Tricolor 20gr: white and blue chocolate lozenges.